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Meet Kevin Delano, Shift Administrator

 My name is Kevin and I am a Shift Administrator with Gilly’s House – and I also just happen to be a grateful recovering alcoholic and addict. I will be 3 years sober on February 12, 2019. I am a graduate of The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and also attended Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, MA. I am the father of a wonderful 7 year old boy named Halen, and yes, he is named after my favorite band, Van Halen!. My wife Christine and I have been together since 2008. A small miracle considering! Our small family, including our Bird, Blix, live happily in Attleboro. 

I am humbled every day by the chances and gifts The Universe has given me. I started my life after college searching around corporate America in high tech recruiting, but after 15 years I had had enough. I have since been working in not for profit, finding my home with the local Hockomock YMCA, taking care of and mentoring children. Along the way, a member that was familiar with my background approached me and asked if I ever thought about working in a sober home, a new home that had not opened yet named Gilly’s House, and she just so happened to be on the Board of Directors… Fast forward, I met with Barbara during the winter, while Gilly’s House was still a gutted out shell of what it would become, sitting on folding chairs and surrounded by tarps, buckets of plaster and dry wall. We spoke, we shared, we hit it off, and I saw her vision - much in the same way I saw the vision of the YMCA.


And today, I am proud to be one of the original Gilly’s House staff members from day one. I started in the spring before we opened, and I was here on the very first day we opened to residents. This experience has been amazing. It has helped me in my own recovery. Gilly’s House is helping me to become a better person, one day at a time. It is my hope, and my goal, to grow with and be here for the residents and be the best I can be for the Gilly’s House family for a long time to come.