Kevin Delano - Shift Administrator


My name is Kevin and I am a Shift Administrator with Gilly’s House – and I also just happen to be a grateful recovering alcoholic and addict. I will be 3 years sober on February 12, 2019.

Sr Resident Michael Pingeton "The Mayor"


Hello, My name is Michael and I am the senior resident at Gilly's House. My role is to assist the residents and interface with our staff with specifics needed by the residents on a daily basis.

erika visits Lenny's room

Lenny's Room


Asst Director Rick Arieta


My name is Rick and I am the assistant house director at Gilly's House. My role is to assist the director and to fill the needs of the house. As we grow I will lead groups in relapse prevention, relationships and problem solving skills along with 12 step meetings.